When You are Looking For Hope

‘If there are hopeless places — Haiti is almost a hopeless place.”

That’s what the guy in jeans and the stamped up passport had told us before we went anyways.


On a street to the south, a man bent and twisted by struggle and sun, he slugs a shovel load of rubble high up into a dump truck.

Mounds of charcoal, flip flops, rice, garbage heave up on a pitted street.

On a side street, we see a man, like one lone oxen, pulling a cart of his neck strained and glistening in full noon heat.

Sometimes a place moans like a gashed wound that won’t heal. Hope can seem more like a howl.





We get there late to the church.

The children’s band is already playing it next to the street.

Playing it on trumpets brazenly right out into the street: “God is so good, God is so good.

There is Truth that is louder and surer than anything you can see or feel — and nothing that we have can change the sureness of Who He is.  


We applaud the band and they lead us into the church and the Compassion project director, he prays.

The children sing in unison.

They welcome.

And after it happened, we talked about it but none of us knew how it happened or where it came from but from the hills where our Help comes from.

So it came from the Hills and the Helper, and the music somehow got louder and the clapping somehow got stronger and the feet somehow found the rhythm, found themselves dancing.

And the children clapped and swirled and laughed about us and we were dancing, we were all dancing.



{RSS or email readers: click here to watch the video of our worship in Haiti this week — the most amazingly hopeful worship ever!}

Hope, it is exquisitely fragile and it is an exceptional force and it is essential to faith and you can’t afford to lose it. Lose your fears but never your hope.

The whole church fills with this trumpeting worship and we raise our hands and sway and hope can create a quake that cracks all despair. Our smiles can be real epicenters. Christ-centered joy that brings down all the walls.

There is hope here — a hope refrain that won’t end. Hope, it lives in us, in Christ Who is in us. And how can the horns not herald it, even here: Never despair of a situation more than you trust in your Savior.

It isn’t the likelihood of your hope that sustains you, but the object of your hope that sustains you.

And the dancing rises into this blowing of bubbles, all this kaleidescope of color, all the reaching of hands for things hoped for and unseen and seen.









And the dancing rises into this blowing of bubbles, all this kaleidescope of color, all the reaching of hands for things hoped for and unseen and seen.

And it rises, the notes, the hearts, the praise, the hope – hope, this light and buoyant rising on all this spinning, shimmering globe.

All His glory light in their eyes.





You are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed.
—Luke 10:41-42

Would you please just take one moment of your day — and if you are American — would you spend just a moment praying for one of these children? And if you are in Canada — would you please just pray for one of these children? 

I can never thank you enough for considering being Christ’s hand and feet here in Haiti — of sponsoring a child here in Haiti



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