weekends are for harvest preparation








The Farmer {and his oh, so fabulous crew!} are about ready for the field…

And Caleb and I are at the gate for Haiti!

And we’re all off!

{Thank you for joining with us all this coming week! }

Creative Inspiration for the Weekend :  just a few quiet moments for a walk and something lovely like this? {You are living these 7 Habits of Creativity and making happy time everyday to be creative, yes?}

Photography Inspiration for the Weekend :  Take photos of family? This tutorial to make your photos amazing!

Love for the Weekend: Take the 30 Day Marriage Project… 30 days to more love? Yes!

Kitchen (Cool) Creativity for the Weekend:  Hot where you are? This is the perfect (quick) recipe to cool down everyone on a blazing hot day!

Free Printable for the Weekend :   There are only so many days in a summer — and only so many summers. Print this out and fill it out. Really — you’ll be so happy at the end of the summer! (Need ideas on how to fill it out? These summer ideas may prime your pump!)

Make a Memory on the Weekend :  Now doesn’t this look like way too much fun? What a way to make a memory!

Kindness on the Weekend :  Dare you to grab someone and go do this, this weekend. All you need is a piece of chalk and a smile  — Easy, memorable, cheap ridiculous fun — that blesses someone else!

Clean on the Weekend : Top 10 Cleaning Tips from the cleaning professionals…. who knew?

Worship for the weekend :   Weightless …. with Christa Wells…. “Well, I’ve carried this a long time
in a well hidden bundle on my back, but I’ve realized repentance is weightless… ” I pray this weekend — you’ll leave your burdens on the track. Weightless in Christ…  singing with you… 

May the grace and truth of our Father surprise you all over again this weekend, friends…