weekends are for bending for the good


Creative Inspiration for the Weekend :  Print out this Travel Photo Checklist – perfect for any daytripping or vacations on the summer calendar! Have you checked out these 8 Tips for Better Vacation Photos?}  And oh – don’t forget to take one of these for the album (It’s never too late to begin!) Too fun!

This inspires me to chronicle for our family better.

{You are living these 7 Habits of Creativity and making happy time everyday to be creative, yes?}

Easy Kitchen Love for the Weekend :   Don’t let summer slip by without making this just once — very easy and family memorable.

Olympics for the Weekend : What would the Olympics be without these amazing, free printables for the family. Enjoy and cheer loud and make it fun!

Organization for the Weekend : Before the fall starts in full swing – this might be the weekend to make this the best year ever: 10 Tips for the Best Command Centrals for a Busy Home – free printables included. Might be the best hour on a Saturday invested all summer?

And then right after just a bit of cleaning — Print this out for the Fridge (click download in the right corner) because you need this for the last few weeks of summer. (you can take it down 40 for 20 minutes when you do your cleaning routine — and when the time goes. That’s it! You’re done! And hand the printable back up on the fridge and smile!)

Clean on the Weekend : 3 of the simplest steps for cleaning your hardwood floors. And this tip — two tea bags and be prepared for sheen! Trying one of these 6 floor cleaners Now even I can do this…and I love the creativity thrown in with this too!

Make a Fun Kid Memory on the Weekend : I have always wanted to do this  — stack pillows up in the back of a truck and go stargazing somewhere?  Know a friend with a truck? This could be the weekend to make a memory — only so many summers left! And we’re printing out these free printables to boot!

Summer Inspiration (Only a few weeks left!) for the Weekend : How are you doing with this? (isn’t that beautiful and inspiring?) Jump in right now and make your own for the weeks remaining and make the most of every opportunity!

Truth on the Weekend : My friend, Christine Caine, and I are thrilled to be serving together with Women of Faith in Des Moines, August 24 — join us? (she’ll be the enflamed one, and I’ll be the one with the knees knocking hard). Our hearts are beating hard with Christ  and this — (Christine @ Passion):

Fire in our bones like this:

{Please consider clicking off music slider just below top nav bar to hear a truly unforgettable message. RSS readers can view video here… }

Worship for the Weekend :   Shaun Groves on his latest CD Third World Symphony  — echoing Christine:

May the grace and truth of our Father surprise you all over again this weekend, friends…