when you are feeling overwhelmed…


When a sparrow gets caught behind the couch, it’s the light at the other end, behind the poor thing, that we keep trying to turn that one pounding heart towards.

Because the thing is and don’t I know it: If you’re turned the wrong way, you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So I’m kneeled on the floor in front of a pounding-heart bird and the moment, it’s a prayer for the sparrow and for me and for all the overwhelmed ones lost and turned around and  looking for a way out:

Lord God — of all the world, You see the sparrows —

us with the messy nests who are welcome at Your altar,

us with the loneliness who are encircled in Your care,

us with the smallness who are remembered and held and never forgotten

before the God who has an eye for all the Sparrows. 

So sparrows don’t stress. Because they trust. Your Will is better than our ways.

So sparrows don’t hurry. Because they don’t fear. Your altar is better than our agendas.

So sparrows don’t worry — Because they are Yours. 

Your sovereignty is better than the skies.

Simplicity doesn’t mean we will live uncomplicated lives. Simplicity is a matter of Focus — the grace to focus our lives simply on Christ.  

Be our sole Focus, our only Hope, our deepest Joy —

That we may abandon all the worries… and abide in all Your Word —

Those pages that open up like wings.


And the sparrow, it turns right there on the floor behind the couch, turns towards the window — focuses and sees —  and  we witness it.

How a sparrow can fall to the ground

and still fly again.