25 Ways to be Creative This Weekend {weekends are for creativity}





{Source for the canvas that I have hanging over my writing desk {a quote by Holley Gerth — with my creative Word sister Holley smiling encouragement right there!}

Creative Inspiration for the Weekend : 14 Ways to Make Mediocre Art and 10 Ways to Make Art in less than an Hour… {You are living these 7 Habits of Creativity and making happy time everyday to be creative, yes?}

Photography Inspiration for the Weekend :  50 Ways to shoot an amazing family photograph How to Make Your Own Instagram Gallery: A Tutorial and then what came out of that  — go click some of the gifts!

6 Books for Creatives:

1.The Creative Call: An Artist’s Response to the Way of the Spirit … {think Christian version of “The Artist’s Way — it could be your personal summer creativity course}

2. Chapter After Chapter: Discover the Dedication and Focus You Need to Write the Book of Your Dreams… this book helps you to just. begin.

3. The Art of War for Writers: Fiction Writing Strategies, Tactics, and Exercises… for any word scratcher, really — break. it. down.

4. The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life

5. On Writing Well… The Classic Guide — really. It’s a classic for a reason. Water-logged edition sitting here.

6.Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art (Wheaton Literary Series)… I return to this one again and again and can’t imagine it not on my shelf. The perfect summer read for the creative (and aren’t we all creatives?)

7. Create: Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Stuff… what I am reading right now. $2.99 for all this? “Creativity is not just for artsy folks. God has wired creativity into our DNA, and he expects that every man, woman, and child will be creative for His glory. In this book you will learn how to overcome the fear of being creative, how to get moving on any creative project, and how to finally finish your creative work.”

Kitchen Creativity for the Weekend:  What if you played with the budget — to have more resources left over? Creative! The Art of living well. Meaningful…. How to Eat Whole, Real Foods on a Tight Budget {of only $250 a month}   

Free Creative Printable for the Weekend :   Print this out for over your desk: Comparison is the Thief of Joy  and this Scripture encouragement — and this Truth for your inspiration board.

Make a Creative Kid Memory on the Weekend :  What if you asked these — 15 Questions for Creativity with the Kids…  and go live these 4 Essentials of Creativity !

Clean on the Weekend : How to organize your creative mess? 5 Ways to Creatively Organize Your Time, Mind and Workspace and some organization inspiration for creatives and their families

Truth for Creatives on the Weekend: One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves and each other as Christians: What do you want to Make?  .. Mako Fujimura, illustrator of the exquisite The Four Holy Gospels, ESV Bible , and one of the most profoundly respected Christian artists, offers this commencement address at Biola University — it’s a must listen

Worship for the weekend :   Rise … Kari Jobe — she speaks of her creative process in writing the song, “Rise” — and then sing it with her  — any and all our creativity  finds its source in Christ and this song kindles us in worship — to create all for His glory! Singing it with you… 

May the grace and truth of our Father surprise you all over again this weekend, friends…

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