When the World gets Loud & Divisive






Standing out there in the garden, all the spinach leaves offered up like bunches of bouquets there at her feet, she listened for the quiet.

The corn grew in straight rows.

The apple blossoms made promises.

The irises unfolded bold hope.

Roots would wait for rain.

Seeds would be faithful to soil.

The weary would wait on God.

The waiting would be unwaveringly faithful to the Word.

And the Christians would be careful with words because they are the Christ-full.

Grace and truth were embodied in the Son of God who opened not His mouth — but opened His hands and heart.

And standing there still, in a world growing all around her, in a world that could grow too loud with rhetoric and debate and opinions and contention, she saw how the harvest could come.

How one could wait for the fruit of humble truth…

And the yield of a quiet and steady grace.




And what does the LORD require of you?

To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” ~Micah 6:8


“Humility is the secret of fellowship, and pride the secret of division.”

~ Robert C. Chapman


“He that is not a son of Peace is not a son of God.

All other sins destroy the Church consequentially; but Division and Separation demolish it directly…”

~ Richard Baxter, The Reformed Pastor