weekends are for growth


For seeing how the grass

always grows greener

right where you point the water hose

and that can be right under your feet

and if you frame things up a certain way

the unwanted


can be these ridiculously wondrous



Blessings on your joy-focused growth weekend, friends!

All’s grace because of Christ alone,



Joy on the Weekend: Gather the kids — you have laughed with this one, yes? Maybe the kids have some ideas to recreate some funny too?

Creative Inspiration for the Weekend : Grab your camera — (if you have a DSLR, you’ve got this so helpful tutorial under your belt)   —- and have some crazy FUN with these photography tips!  {You’re making happy time everyday to be creative, yes?}

Kitchen Love for the Weekend : Tuck these tried and tested recipes away for being a neighbor who cares: Take Them a Meal Recipes  … and let the kids make your favorite cookie recipe and print these out and let the kids have fun! Perfect for loving on Mothers around the corner this week.

Free Printable for the Weekend : Just this week, this one for the fridge — or frame! 

Green on the Weekend :  Oh, to have some of this loveliness in the yard for years and years! Talk about inspiration: Free, very easy, doable butterfly garden plans… and these are the best things you might do in the backyard this year!

Make a Memory on the Weekend : What if you made your parenting a bit like this? What’s one thing you could do this weekend? And what if the kids got to play for hours with this oh, so easy balloon blower-upper —- easy, simple, fun: They’ll remember this fun!

Clean on the Weekend : This inspiration got printed out here this week!  And oh — this  one tip amazing tip! 

Heart for the Weekend:  Want your kids to grow spiritually?  Want someone you love to go deeper with God? Want to put out some new beautiful growth yourself? Because this is what we all really want. Five Things God uses to Grow our Faith. “God will leverage the Very Worst for the Very Best!”

Prayers for the Weekend What if we tried this?

Gift for the Weekend: Perfect for a woman in your life this week: Making one of these lovelies for someone you love — so they can be inspired to fly!

Aren’t they beautiful?

And, yes, ma’am, then print out these bevy of free printables to go along with it, to make give a bit of happy joy-in-a-box?

{And they tell me that for Mother’s Day, there’s a happy sale happening over at Family Christian offering a sweet little sale of 50% off of One Thousand Gifts.  Lifeway‘s tells me that it too is offering One Thousand Gifts at half price as a Mother’s Day  gift feature,  if that helps anyone? Thank you for grace.}

{And if you are looking for a gift for your own beautiful Mama?   To make some heart space for real Joy…}

Worship for the weekend :  This song part of the nightly soundtrack as I waited on the Lord and scratched out One Thousand Gifts… Let’s sing it together this weekend, over and over again…


{And…. coming to this quiet corner next week?

Ooooh — some amazing wonderfulness that you get to be a part of! Stay tuned!}

May grace and truth surprise you all over again this weekend, friends…

:: :: ::

{And the winner of April’s Joy-in-a-Basket: (a gift card @ Amazon {100$} & {signed copies of One Thousand Giftsthe photographic gift book, the DayBrightner, and the family gratitude journal} Give thanks to Him in the assembly!)

Random.org selected: Lyn Carradine who shared her thanks to God on FB: The moon reflecting the sun’s light in the dark of night and my son’s face reflecting happiness and inspiration when he saw the conjunction of the moon and Jupiter in beautiful conjunction tonight; my daughter’s shiny little cupcake pan reflecting her face as she carefully places dough in each cup…

Enter the May’s drawing for Joy-in-a-Basket? Each day of May, either share your gifts on on Twitter {label with #1000gifts #JoyDare so we can find you!}, or with us in the gratitude community at Facebook , or on Pinterest (#1000gifts).}