The Purpose of Pain: When Life Hurts










She stood under all that blue sky and watched the windmill spin round and was it the all the world turning that she could feel?

How it spun and hurt and unfurled.

Dandelions unfolded at her feet — suns, risings everywhere.

The rooster turned.

Laundry slapped on the line.

Something in her, the hurting places, stirred awake right there.

That’s what she could feel:

The surrendered accept that pain is always but growing pains.

And growth is always a gift —  even when trials are the tutor.

One of the ducks duck settled down by the barbed wire fence.

Out in the far field, a horse stood in the midst of an afternoon turning out all these golden globes.

And in the long grass, she opened her hand and reached up for the line —

this trusted stretching right into wind.




“The greatest Christians in history seem to say
that their sufferings ended up bringing them the closest to God –
so this is the best thing that could happen,
not the worst.~ Peter Kreeft

In this world you will have tribulation,
but be of good cheer,
for I have overcome the world. ~ Jesus Christ