The One Thousand Moms Project ……. Make a Mother’s Day Difference!

The 1000 Moms Project
Thank Your Mother — and Bless Another!

In a Haitian community where a the average family lives on only $37 a month, a Child Survival Program, founded by Compassion International through a local church, offers mothers and little ones pre-natal and post-natal care and education.

Here the Mamas will learn to care for their little ones, learn to read, and be supported to raise up a healthy, Jesus-loving, hopeful generation.

The 1000 moms Project

And all you have to do help these beautiful mothers and babies?

Just publicly thank your Mom!

We’ll do the rest!

Just share the most important gift your Mom gave you — on either Twitter (use the #1000gifts #moms hashtag) or in the Facebook Gratitude Community, or write a letter of thanks to your Mom on your own blog (I’ll post a linky tomorrow, so you can link up with your thanks too!).

And we’ll join you in honoring her by giving a much-needed gift to a Mom and baby in Haiti.

And if 1000 Moms are thanked either on Twitter, individual blogs, or on the One Thousand Gifts FB page —- we’ll match your thanksgiving & sponsor a Maternity/Child Survival Center in Haiti for a whole year!

Because when we count our gifts — we realize how gifted we are and we pray to become the gift! It’s our joy to become the gift with you in Haiti!

Together we change the lives of hundreds of kids and mamas! Isn’t this exciting?

Let’s all publicly honor & thank our Mothers! 1000 Moms can make a Mother’s Day Difference!

{And coming this week: I’ll share how we have an opportunity to actually visit this Child Survival Center in Haiti and see how we all together can love on a whole center of these Mamas and children for a whole year!}

Let’s do this thing and thank our Mamas!

{As an added bonus to honor your Mother:

 Wouldn’t it be great if you would share a picture of your mother on the One Thousand Gifts Facebook page and perhaps include the most important gift she gave you as part of your post?DSC_0289

Just click “Photo/Video” on the page and then click “upload,” pick your favorite picture of  your mom, share the gift and click “post” to share it with the whole radical gratitude community over there!

It’d be an honor to include your mom in a slideshow of photos when we celebrate the 1000 Moms Project and how you and your Mom made a Mother’s Day Difference for a Mom in need!}



Free Printable Mother’s Day Postcard for Your Mom

Thank your Mom in The 1000 Gifts Mom Project?

Then let her know on Mother’s Day what a gift she’s been to you and what has been given in her honor to Haiti with this free printable Mother’s Day Postcard

Two versions of the postcard are available: one with a nest here and one with birds here
And you could always give these free printables to give her own joy-in-a-box?

{Entirely optional: You could tie it all up for your mama with One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are— or the photographic Gift Book: Selections from One Thousand Gifts: Finding Joy in What Really Matters ….You can read here how One Thousand Gifts is building an Educational Center in Guatemala…

And there’s a sweet little sale of 50% off at Family Christian Thousand Gifts and there’s 50% off at Lifeway too? if that helps anyone? Thank you for grace.}

And if you are following along with Compassion Bloggers blogging live right now from Tanzania?

Thanking your Mom publicly in The 1000 Moms Project is another free, easy, God-glorifying way to join in Compassion this week leading up to Mother’s Day — and make a difference.

A difference made just by thanking.

A difference made Right Where You Are.

And when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will thank God…

And they will pray for you with deep affection because of the overflowing grace God has given to you.

Thank God for this gift too wonderful for words!” – 2 Corinthians 9:11-15

{See you thanking #1000gifts #mom on Twitter or over on the Facebook page Or, if honoring your mom on your blog, linky tomorrow! Let’s do it!}

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