weekends are for seeing light


Blessings on your light-filled weekend…

All’s grace because of Christ alone,


Creative Inspiration for the Weekend :  Read this and be so inspired…. and What if everyone tried this tutorial to draw a human eye? Or take a bit of time for this 100 Helpful Photography tutorials?  {You’re making happy time everyday to be creative, yes?}

Kitchen Love for the Weekend :   Now don’t these Piggy Pancakes look like perfect fun for a morning this weekend?   And if you are setting aside time to make a sweet gift from your kitchen this weekend (an excellent weekly tradition and perfect Saturday fun!) — these labels are just beautiful for baked gifts

Free Printable for the Weekend : Oh my, oh my:  look at any of these classy prints for anywhere in the house

Green on the Weekend : 7 Nutrient rich brews for your plants

Kid Fun on the Weekend : Free Printables for the kids to create with for Mother’s Day including a fingerprint tree

Clean on the Weekend :  Perfect print-out for spring cleaning? 15 minutes a day!

Heart for the Weekend:  While your cleaning, take a mini-marriage enrichment course? How to Stay In Love  — a perfect start for your weekend!

Worship for the weekend :   Singing with you…

Making space for grace with you this weekend,  friends…