weekends are for making space


For  seeing that something always comes

to fill the empty places.

For making spaces,

and  not being afraid of

the empty places —

for letting all the moments be

these empty containers

sure of the filling of God.


May you find and make and be much space this weekend…. 

All’s grace because of Christ alone,


Beauty for the Weekend : On this Saturday morning…  take a deep breath and wander through this Dutch Idyll…. no roads. no cars. just deep quiet and so much stilled space.

Creative Inspiration for the Weekend :  Read this and be so inspired…. and then take a walk with the kids, a friend, alone. Just get outside in His Creation for 15 minutes this weekend, and make a space to breathe. And maybe take your camera with you?… If you want to get better at photography…. think link has 22 ideas you can do today. You don’t have to do it all… Just baby steps.   {You’re making happy time everyday to be creative, yes?}

Make a Memory on the Weekend : Print out these Honing Observation Skills Scavenger Hunt and get out there in God’s space… and then nature journal? Marvel? Wait to be surprised….

Kitchen Love for the Weekend :   Oh, how about Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Bars? Really.

Free Printable for the Weekend :  Here’s one for the fridge this weekend!  Oh, yes ma’am!

Green on the Weekend : Because everyone needs  No-Fuss Garden Plans and the 5 Secrets to an Almost No-Work Garden. Glorious Green God-space!

Check out the Smart Gardener: “Smart Gardener calculates and tracks all your gardens’ “To Dos,” from prepping to picking. Automatically gives you to To Dos at a glance and email reminders will be sent to you when it’s time to get in your garden.”

And perhaps bless someone with their own few seeds of hope? happiness? This free printable with a few flower seeds might just be perfect this weekend.

Kid Fun on the Weekend :  The kids might make a bunch of these? For someone they love? It really is the easiest, perfect mother’s day gift — no matter how old you are? {and a way for Mama to the hold the memory of this size, right now — no matter the size!}

{And if you are looking for something for your beautiful own Mama? Lifeway’s let me know that  it’s offering One Thousand Gifts at half price as a Mother’s Day gift feature, if that helps anyone? To make some heart space for real Joy…}

Clean on the Weekend :  This beautiful little chart might help? Clear some space? Just for 15 minutes?

Heart Space: This is the link to click:  What you really need to make space for this weekend... let this play while you are working away…. Powerful and encouraging.

Worship for the weekend : whatever you are facing — singing this will change everything … play it until you can sing it too? So beautiful, so true… Singing with you…

Making space for grace with you this weekend,  friends…