Why Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Do not let anything keep you —

not anything

from flinging out of that sagging comfort zone,

and right into the streets, eyes and mouth full of His wonder,

to pant it in the marketplace

the back alleys, the front fields,

across the crackling wires


that you have seen Him, yes — you have seen the light —

and with these very eyes,

and you hear it even now,

how the rocks cry out

and you cry too, this stammering it

into every willing ear

that you opened your eyes one day and ran right into all His glory

and He saves and He kisses wounds and He serenades

and Beauty has branded you,

marked you with awe

and awe is why you grab the pen, and Beauty is why you scratch it down,

and all His lighting glory is why you muzzle the voices that say

you can’t or shouldn’t or mustn’t,

because He is your blaze and He is your burn and and you cannot be muzzled because

what can keep you from telling once the eyes have seen?


Could there be anything greater than this,

the bearing witness

to the glory sighting?


Stand and give testimony.


Because this is the holy, blazing thing:

you cannot




(on why I get up early and do the crazy thing that I am doing today and oh, will tell you about later (will you pray for me today?), on why  I blog nearly daily though I am not brave and I stutter words, why I write though simply, speak though knees knocksnap a shutter though unskilled, and keep, keep, keep writing down the gifts… because how can one not bear witness when having glimpsed the beauty of the glory of God?)

An offering of thanks… the bearing witness to His wonder and ways… #3220 – #3230 of One Thousand Gifts

… color and paintbrushes and canvases and kid art everywhere

… Hope singing hymns loud and lovely while baking

… chocolate icing everywhere

not making blessings into burdens

… kids gathered on our bed, talking and telling stories of the day, us together, just here

… waking to his arm pulling me close

… feeling fear and just taking this wild leap of faith anyways

… {only the quietest murmuring, #6 and 29 weeks and when we are weakest, He is strong}

… ironing boys’ shirts

the happiness of this! (Are you joining us?)

… washing the kitchen floor on Saturday morning

… turning in the lane on a dark and blustery night

… looking for glimpses of His light everywhere

“When I met Christ, I felt that I had swallowed sunshine.”  ~E. Stanley Jones

Unspeakable, unending thanks be to God…

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