weekends are for your life {video} {Sermon on the Mount}

{Consider pausing music by clicking the slider directly under the header? If reading in a reader or via email, click here to view a less than word-perfect but heartfelt recitation before a candle here off our farm kitchen, of Sermon on the Mount.  }

Weekends are for more than bread,

for what comes from the mouth of God,

For Words that are more than mere words….

For that which is your very life.


Steep all the raw places long in His word this weekend, friend!

All’s grace,

These instructions are not mere words–they are your life!

Deu 32:47 NLT

A New Community to Aid us in Memorizing the Mount !

Remember last Saturday when I shared all excited about the one link that I begged all happy  that you had to check out — Scripture Typer? Well, the incredibly committed Brett and McKenzie over at Scripture Typer reached out to us here and offered to create Memorize the Mount community just for us! 

A place where we type out our verses in increasing levels of memorization, have ways to message and encourage each other, and have profiles to track our progress! Our very own Mount community

that helps us all together memorize the mount!

Isn’t this amazing?  {Bookmark our very own URL to find our Memorize the Mount community — and on our end, we’ll work on a button for our sidebars so we can easily and daily link over to our community and type through our verses!}

Warning: Memorizing over at Scripture Typer?  Is ridiculously fun and you won’t want to stop! {Kids here race each other on words per minute on each verse to see who can type theirs faster… and… um. Me too. ~grin~} Seeing how many words a minute you can type your verses out is very motivating! 

I confess — I am just flat out excited about meeting you over there and memorizing His Word together — it’s our very Life!


Screen shot 2012-03-16 at 11.44.27 PM


Screen shot 2012-03-17 at 12.11.59 AM


Screen shot 2012-03-16 at 11.32.41 PM

Screen shot 2012-03-16 at 11.33.38 PM


How to Memorize the Mount:

— committing His Words to heart & heart to Him

1. Just join us over here at Typer’s Memorize the Mount 

{Brett and McKenzie and I have worked to try to lay out all the instructions clearly — we want memorizing the mount to as easy and as welcoming and encouraging as possible. If you have any questions or problems — leave a message on the wall over there, and we’ll see if we can help you out.}


2. Download & Print the Sermon on the Mount Memory Cards:

Click here to print cards: Just 2-3 Verses a Week

3. Print and either have comb bound (cards are formatted to give space for comb binding), for ease of flipping cards, propping at the sink, etc.

4. Alternatively, cut and paste into a booklet like a pocket Moleskine

5. Find a partner to recite to — have them sign each week on the allotted line
(only *two to three short * verses a week — the verses are in the ESV version & take a bit to load. Thank you for grace!)

The link for the Memorize the Mount Booklet Cover can be downloaded right here.

{You can join us in community on facebook for encouragement — and I’ll be posting audio updates and encouragements throughout the year on the Facebook page and here on the blog with link-ups so you can share your own memorization– consider joining us?}

Share your Memorizing of the Mount?
Over the weekend, link up right here to your audio, video or other creative recitation of your Memorization of the Mount.

Let’s encourage each other! We’d love to catch a glimpse of your world and you mounting the Mount! (And too, go share your memorizing link also with the wonderful Katie at “Do Not Depart“)