weekends are for new beginnings


For  leftover remnants cupping new things,

for for clutches of hope, there in the light,

for fragile promises,

that if believed in,

might just fly,


Abundant blessings on your weekend, friends!
:All is grace


Beauty for the Weekend : On a Saturday morning… look out across a new week coming, a week focused on new life and resurrection coming! Slow and see the intricate wonder of this…  Go slow enough to really marvel that — Behold, He makes all things new.

Creative Inspiration for the Weekend :  Now, doesn’t this inspire to slow down, right in the midst, and begin seeing — ah, to take time today and grab pencil! And my, oh my, to create the beauty of a journal like this! What if a journal was left out and a whole family sketched their joy finds? {You’re making happy time everyday to be creative, yes?}

Kitchen Love for the Weekend :  Thinking this week on oh, how He loves us…  this recipe might be perfect to make up?

Free Printable for the Weekend : Here’s a beautiful one for the mantle this week 

Kid Fun on the Weekend : Ah, to find a resurrection-focused gift bag! Here’s a free printable Easter Cross bag — perfect for tucking a bit of joy in to celebrate this coming week?

Clean for the Weekend: Clean Calm with the kids  this week as we prepare for week of deep reflection– just loveliness! … (and then if I can find these cases, the kids and I are going to do this with all the card games here — genius!)

Laughter on the Weekend :  What’s one moment that might make one person you love feel like this? jot it down and go do it!

Gift for the Weekend: A Perfect little vintage mail package to wrap some joy up for someone: The loveliness of these vintage bird tags  or these so very pretty bird silhouettes free for the printing for a card or tag? And tuck in a  vintage bookmark? All put together with one of these printable vintage envelopes?

{And there’s still that happy sale happening over at Family Christian offering a sweet little sale of 50% off of One Thousand Gifts, until April 5th.  And too, CBD has One Thousand Gifts for half price. Might be a beautiful way of celebrating the joy of Easter this spring with a friend?}{and, yes, ma’am, there’s a bevy of free printables to go along with it, to make your own gratitude journal or one for a friend, a bit of happy joy-in-a-box? Thank you for grace.}

Heart Turning for the weekend : A long held family tradition here: To listen to the 12 Voices of Easter @ Back to the Bible … listen as you love together today?

Worship for the weekend The laying low grace of this… singing it quietly this week as we turn to Palm Sunday… to never get over this.

Appalling grace, this weekend, friends…