weekends are for brushing up against light


For unfurling in the quiet,

for basking in bright miracle of here,

for believing He makes all things new.


Abundant blessings on your weekend, friends! 
:All is grace


Beauty for the Weekend : On a Saturday morning… take a deep breath at the end of a long week and just go for a slow walk through the gardens here. No hurries. Just slow and see. (scroll through by clicking next at the right hand bottom of the screen)  Beautiful spring, right where you are — the whole earth is full of His glory!

Creative Inspiration for the Weekend :  Ooooh, are you taking happy time everyday to be creative, to encourage wondrous creativity in the kids?  Take a few moments, yourself, with the kids, and check this out. Grab a pencil right now and just really take some marvellous moments to slow down and make…  {Make a memory with the kids and make it a Saturday tradition to just try one of these videos?}

Kitchen Love for the Weekend :   Use this creative, beautiful recipe card generator to organize you favorite family go-to recipes? Loveliness!

Free Printable for the Weekend :   Here’s a beautiful one for the fridge — yes, yes, yes!

Kid Fun on the Weekend : The kids can easily whip up some of these No Bake Energy Bites — for a whole day of Saturday goodness! Make up a few to hand out after Sunday service or to a neighbor with this free printable tag?

Clean for the Weekend:  25 Clever Ideas to Make life easier — oooh, I like the linens all in the pillow cases — brilliant!  

Laughter on the Weekend :  Look for one moment that feels like this? Make one moment like this for someone else?  

Sale for the Weekend:    and this cheering note was slipped in my inbox: Family Christian’s offering a sweet little sale until  April 5th, 50% off of One Thousand Gifts — yes, half price for the hardcover  (with free shipping over 35$, or just wander into a local store?) Might be a beautiful way of celebrating the joy of Easter this spring with a friend?

{and, yes, ma’am, there’s a bevy of free printables to go along with it, to make your own gratitude journal or one for a friend, a bit of happy joy-in-a-box? Thank you for grace.}

Worship for the weekend :  God is so good! A enthusiastic flash mob celebrating God with energy and vibrant worship... may all the nations rejoice and sing praise to Him! Dance with thanks this weekend?

Joy in Him, friends!