so, friend– have an only-God dream? like how to write a book?

Last Friday, we talked quiet and long and wondrously here and over at High Calling,  about  where we’re from.

This Friday, Glynn at The High Calling and I sit down with mugs and talk about why I write crazy slant.

About  dirt and farming and kids.

About how to write a book and how to look at your life and know what comes next…

Think of writing a book? I’d love to hear why you write. 

Thinking about only-God-could dreams?I’d love to hear about what comes next in your life.

Come join us? I’ll pass around the pot of tea and nod as you share and smile.

{And tomorrow? We’ll be sharing a whole brand new community coming that was made just for us, with Christ at the center. I’m very excited!}