How to Make Your March Amazing

March, it could come in like a romping lamb and we could go to the woods and take winter for it’s last turn.

One last spin on ice,  one final round up the trail.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” The Farmer calls over his shoulder, calls back to me.

His little lamb skips beside him, trying to keep up. “Honk! Honk!” His happiness rings through the woods and I laugh.






There are skates to pull on and laces to tighten and pucks to fly and last of winter to catch. Geese could be flying soon?

I grin over at the Farmer.

“Help me around, Mama?” She reaches for my hand, we twirl around and glade and glide. The earth’s spinning round and everything’ll melt. There’s a crow calling somewhere in the east.

Around the river inlet we circle on skates, like Joshuas encircling —  waiting for winter’s walls to come crashing down.

It could be this in the middle of winter giving way to spring and the resurrection of everything.

It could be this in the middle of Lent:  March — the month to march around walls in our lives and pray for God to bring down everything that keeps us from Him.   

March — a 31 day march around the Jericho that’s keeping You from Jesus.

31 days to march around that one fear. March around that one worry. March around that one temptation. I know what my Jericho is. I name it. I will go home and I will write it down.

Write it in a prayer journal. Circle everyday of March on the calendar, make a prayer circle around each day and march around that Jericho, head bowed. Pray around it again and again — sliver blades cutting a circle, encircling all that is with His will, presence,  grace.

Everything cold and hard, it could give away.

The wobbly little skater, she turns a curve and leans. This could be my Lent.

I had reached out and touched the wood of Christ’s cross last night when we had lit the Lenten candle. I had knelt down to light the flame.

I had knelt before that wood bent into a circle.

Christ carries a cross, circles my sins, and He brings down all the walls.


I don’t want anything to wall me out of His love. 

She and I circle the pond again.

Crack every hard wall in me, God. 

My March will be this encircling march around that one thing keeping me from You. 








The boys throw wet, melting snow into the thawed edge of the river, everything beginning to break open, away…

They look so alive, laughing.

“Can we go stand by the fire?” Shalom looks up at me, her cheeks right red.

And around the fire, there’s all this heat.

And around the sun, there’s all this warmth lighting straight across the ice.

And when I turn, she’s up in a tree.

This March spinning in —

and her up there looking over walls about to come down.



:: :: ::

Make March Amazing? March to Joy? Take the March Joy Dare?

March Joy Dare

Print March’s Joy Dare … Share the Dare! {Want to know more about the Joy Dare? Head happily over here!}


#1000gifts@target  And speaking of marching?

Three times.

Three times Zondervan pitched to get a Jesus-book about giving all glory and praise and thanks to Him — onto the shelves of Target stores.

Three times we prayed for the Jesus-message of Real Joy to be found in aisles just down from the socks and shampoo — where the everyday person might find it — find Him!

Three times Target said it didn’t matter how a message was moving — they just weren’t giving very much of their limited bookspace to God-books.

But we just kept marching this prayer around Target and asking God to make a way? 

And the fourth time? God brought down the walls! And I’m told this that the Jesus-message of Joy in Him is now sitting on the shelves of  Target …  Only God.

Will you join me in praying for the people who may find it — that they’ll find Him.

As a Canuck up here in the north, I’m not going to see first-hand the miracle God has wrought all for His glory alone. But if you’re in a Target store, might you look up the nest-girl on the shelf, thank Him for getting a Jesus-exalting book out into the everyday places?

And if you know someone who might be encouraged by a dare to live fully? Picking up a copy at Target lets Target know that it’s good and beautiful and hope-filled to have more Jesus-books on its shelves!

Happy March! And keep happily marching!