weekends are for slowing & smelling roses


For leaning in

and inhaling the fragrance

of the lush & really living.

Beauty for the Weekend : On a Saturday morning…- listen to Mr. Nevue’s free streaming of his piano music — quiet beauty for the weekend.

Creative Inspiration for the Weekend :  Download and print 29 Ways to be Creative… and pray, always pray.    Dreaming of spring gardens…  and if there’s a walkway or wall somewhere to write a verse like this?

Motivation for the Weekend : How Exercise Fuels the Brain … ah, yes! Let’s get moving?

Kitchen Love for the Weekend :  Something as simple and fun as these with the kids? (The Farmer used to make these as a kid! Mudpies!) and then print out this free, very cute template for take-out boxes — and drop off a treat for someone in need of a bit of encouragement? Or surprise someone after Sunday morning services? Or for a shut in? Perfect way to reach out this weekend!

Soul Food for the Weekend: The Cost of Non-Discipleship: “It is not discipleship, in the end, that is costly—it is folly.”

Free Printable for the Weekend :  Here’s one for the fridge, yes, ma’am.

Kid Fun on the Weekend : Oh, at least one or two of these are great fun for the kids this weekend!

Clean for the Weekend:  This gives me kitchen hope!   …. and! Download a beautiful *customizable* cleaning calendar for the fridge?

Good Words for the Weekend :  Is there Unity in the Body? Practical Wisdom for Any Believer — in dealing with other believers (Reformed/Arminian etc.) …. “these apply to every believer regardless of their particular theological tradition.” While I do not agree with this in its entirety, I deeply appreciate the grace and reflecting on our hearts & there is much here to prayerfully consider…

Worship for the weekend : He is Good, He is good, when there’s nothing good in me … singing it again and again…

Joy in Him, friends!