This is Who You Are — Right Where You Are {Sermon on the Mount} {Video} {link-up}



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And these words I’m trying to know by heart — I pray they become what the heart knows.

And by His grace — become who I am.

Christianity is this long becoming who we already are in Christ.

Salt and Light.

“Why Memorize the Sermon on the Mount?”

“We should not ask, “What is wrong with the world?” —

for that diagnosis has already been given.

Rather, we should ask,

“What has happened to the salt and light?”

~ John Stott, The Message of the Sermon on the Mount

Memorize the Mount with us?




How to Memorize the Mount:

— committing His Words to heart & heart to Him

1. Download & Print the Sermon on the Mount Memory Cards:

Click here to print cards: Just 2-3 Verses a Week

2. Print and either have comb bound (cards are formatted to give space for comb binding), for ease of flipping cards, propping at the sink, etc.

3. Alternatively, cut and paste into a booklet like a pocket Moleskine

4. Find a partner to recite to — have them sign each week on the allotted line
(only *two to three short * verses a week — the verses are in the ESV version & take a bit to load. Thank you for grace!)

The link for the Memorize the Mount Booklet Cover can be downloaded right here.

{You can join us in community on facebook for encouragement — and I’ll be posting audio updates and encouragements throughout the year on the Facebook page and here on the blog with link-ups so you can share your own memorization– consider joining us?}

Share your Memorizing of the Mount?
Over the weekend, link up right here to your audio, video or other creative recitation of your Memorization of the Mount.

Let’s encourage each other! We’d love to catch a glimpse of your world and you mounting the Mount! (And too, go share your memorizing link also with the wonderful Katie at “Do Not Depart“)