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weekends are for slowing & smelling roses

For leaning in and inhaling the fragrance of the lush & really living. Beauty for the Weekend : On a Saturday morning…- listen to Mr. Nevue’s free streaming of his piano…

Eucharistic Living, Joy Habit

Where to Find Happiness

Right after I read the story, I go looking for an old horn to screw right to the wall. There are things worth the proclaiming. And after I find one,…

1000Gifts, Gift List, Gratitude, Joy Dares

What God means to Make of Your Stress

There were guitars this weekend. There were guitars and a hymn and there were voices rising and raised hands, and who could help it? Were the whole realm of nature…

Love, Marriage

One Way To Help Your Marriage Be Even Better

When my Grandma told me to marry a man who wasn’t much to look at  — so I wouldn’t worry of him wandering — I had nodded ‘cause I loved…

1000Gifts, Joy Dares

Why it’s Time to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I hear it on Sunday, thinking the preacher’s looking straight at me. Me trying to look away: “When God moves us out of our comfort zone —- into places that…