When You Feel Pulled & Torn

In a house full of ten women kin, mothers and sisters and cousins, this old Singer sewing machine has this song.

The light’s quiet and the laughter’s loud.

The needle hums.

What do you do when you feel pulled and torn in too many pieces?










There’s this pill bottle of long silver needles.

That’s my perfect, peaceful morning work, to pin the fronts and backs of the baby blankets together.

The sisters and cousins, they cut ribbons. The cat keeps lying right down on the cloth, laying out in these warm pools of sun, and the girls keep giggling, gathering him up. This making with hands, it threads through generations, pulls us close.

Mama’s crown of white is bowed over the needle, always her bowed and serving. She’s holding the fabric in her worn hands. I want to memorize this, the patching of us all together.

There is that, what they said about the Christ, about the fabric that covered Him:

Now the tunic was seamless, woven in one piece. They said therefore to one another, ‘Let us not tear it…’ (Jn 19:23).

Standing there with slender pins in hand, pinning pieces together, there is this too:

The Lord our God is One and in Him, all the fragments of life are woven into one piece. In Christ, we’re aren’t ever torn. In Him, all brokenness is made whole, all moments are made holy, all pieces are made one. There is profound rest in this.

There’s a Weaver in this world.

And I want what He’s willing to give to any takers: A One Piece Life. Everything woven in Him, God in our mind and understanding, God in our eyes and in our seeing, God in our hands and in our loving and our making. The sacred is seamless and everywhere. All is hallowed with His presence and I won’t tear it. Resting in Christ, there is no torn.

The cat purrs quietly.

The pill bottle’s empty of pins, everything held together.

Mama’s stitching another blanket together, her old Singer lilting this steady refrain of peace. Shalom.

And  one of the daughters, she laughs happy and lays right down on what’s been sewn right together —

rest in all this light.



…woven into a tapestry of love,

in touch with everything there is to know of God.

Then you will have minds confident and at rest,

focused on Christ“.

~Colossians 2:2 MSG