When What You Really Need is an Epiphany

The snow lights with day.

Everything alight, straight across the fields.

Today’s epiphany and I think I’m having one of my own.



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Epiphany, always January 6th, the day when we reflect on the three wise men kneeling before the Christ-Lord, Lord of heaven and earth, Christ revealing His divinity under the star in the sky. The snow keeps shimmering.

Malakai pulls his hat lower on his way in from chores and the barn. I watch him from the window.

Epiphany, it means “the manifestation of God.”

Where did the God-Child reveal Himself but in the barn and this is the grace: Our God manifests Himself in our mangers and muck, our mundane and mess.

Ours is the God manifesting Himself in the unlikely and unbearable, in the surprise and the second-chance. The God Who bears the burdens and brings the hope.

And when what we really needs is an Epiphany in all the dark — doesn’t the epiphany begins simply by seeing the light of God everywhere?

Maybe what the New Year needs more than resolutions is a fresh revelation of God?

To turn with fresh eyes to His Word and this world, and this Joy Dare daring me to look for His fingerprints in the unexpected everywhere — There could be fresh epiphanies of His grace everyday.

The snow glints with this light.

Malakai, he stands right in it.

Picks it up, his mitted hands full, white light in his hands.

And the snowman, he just keeps smiling —


This straight out manifestation of joy —

All this light reflecting thanks….


“With my own eyes I’ve seen your salvation;

it’s now out in the open for everyone to see:

A God-revealing light …

and of glory for your people…” ~ Luke 2:31-32 MSG




And can I just whisper? The Joy Dare with each of you? Each of your voices giving praise to Him? An epiphany of His grace at the beginning of the New Year. The perfect way to begin a year — that’s not about perfection but giving Him praise. Giving thanks for you and with you to Him — Let’s do this thing with joy!