weekends are for joy (updated)


M ay all your wanderings this weekend, kindest friends ….

find joy —

that happiness

that nests not in happenings

but trusts in the everywhere encircling grace of God.



: All is grace

because of Christ alone,



Recipient of the Joy Dare Giveaway : Oh my. All you beautiful people? Rang with His joy in that comment box. Thank you for all your words and all your joy. I’m with all of you — grabbing hands and looking onto Christ and giving Him all glory! YES! Thank you for joining in community, taking the Joy Dare and really — how many people will brush up against your joy in Him this year and be changed?!

{P.S.: Some were wondering where/how to chronicle their #1000gifts in 2012? Any way that works best for you: in a private journal, with the free app, on your blog and join us in linking up every Monday, on the free Year of Graces calendar, or on facebook or twitter (#1000gifts). I’ll be sharing thanks to God each day, Lord willing, on my personal facebook page and on the One Thousand Gifts facebook page — the community there is profoundly encouraging. You are more than welcome to join us! And yes, we will post a new Joy Dare Calendar here on the blog, the first of every month, Lord willing…

And yes — we’ll be updating the blog with more information about the draw for the Nikond90 camera for those who complete the dare and count 1000 gifts in 2012! Open our eyes, Lord, Open our eyes! The Whole Earth is fully of Your Glory! }

So! Random.org chose comment #2991 as the recipient of the giveaway package: Jennifer B. But oh, I’d love nothing more than send you all a necklace and journal and book! So we drew three more names to receive a signed book: #2779 (Kelly in Hawaii), #2412 (Debi), #1564 (Teresa)  …

Truly — we count each of you a gift from God’s hand — who are making your lives a gift back to Him and to His world. More love than thin letters can hold, friends….

And the Nest Necklace? : A free tutorial to make it right here!

Beauty for the Weekend : Take a deep long breath… relax.. and quietly take a long, meandering walk of beauty… Just sit here for a long moment. The whole earth is full of His glory.

Kitchen Love for the Weekend : Three Ingredients. No Bake. Oreo Truffles? Does it get any better? Whip them up, pour the milk, get out the candles, and watch them smile!

Do Love for the Weekend : Do you have one or two of these packed away in the car?

Free Printable for the Weekend : These lovely free cards (or these?)— is there someone, anyone, in your life that needs a thank-you card? For a gift they gave, a meal they hosted, a word they shared. The kids and I are writing out some thank you cards here this weekend!

Organization for the Weekend : Hit print Your very own Declutter and Organize Calendar … Perfect! I’m adding this to my binder of print outs of the Daily Draft — my plan for the day.

Sermon for the Weekend : My dearest friend, Katie of Kisses from Katie and David Platt sit and talk living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Really worth watching.

Worship for the weekend : Just play this again and again — The music of Christa Wells unto Jesus moves me deep. “Glory to God, Glory to God. In Fullness of Wisdom — He writes my story into His Song. My life for the glory of God.

And oh, you will make sure that, even if it feels like a rainy day,  you’ll make a moment like this this weekend

Joy in Him, friends! Happy Grace Days!





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