Of Kathie Lee & One Thousand Gifts & Favorite Things

There are days when one feels hushed and small.

Like when the gracious Kathie Lee Gifford holds up a bit of your heart on the Today Show and says it’s one of her favorite things.

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And you feel small and broken before an uncontainable, beautiful God –

and you wrap your hands around a mug of something warm…

and look around at the crazy grace of favorite things.


Like the button noses of three little girls.

Tucked in with books and blanket

on a purple couch.


The lazy susan given to us, that sits in the center of the farm table.

That spins with whatever you’re hankering for and helps keep

blessed dinner hour peace.


The cast iron bell sitting now at the past sink eleven years,

ringing for dinners or for kids to all come or

really, it is time to go.


And the day’s verse written right there on the wall.

Right where you can see it — there where you can lean right into Him.

And on the days when you feel small, you look to Him, the fairest of them all, the One Gift extending the thousands of gifts, and this is the favorite thing of all the saved and grateful fumblers:

Just for today: trust God’s will and all’s well and all’s grace.

The steam rises quiet off the cup taken in hand.

All this trusting praise rising to the Father who holds His child hushed and small….



We thank You, God, we thank You— Your Name is our favorite word… ~Psalm 75:1 MSG

the gracious Kathie Lee Gifford sharing on the Today Show about One Thousand Gifts
a call bell