A Year of Graces : A Free 12 Month Calendar {Printable}

The secret to joy

is to keep seeking God where we struggle to see where He is.

So a calendar making spaces

to daily keep seeking Him —

a year of graces…


“Joy is always a function of gratitude — and gratitude is always a function of perspective.

If we are going to change our lives,

what we’re going to have to change

is the way we see.”


“God isn’t asking us to earn His love.

He’s simply asking us to turn towards His love.”



“Holy joy lies in the habit of murmuring thanks to God

for the smallest of graces.


“Paying attention to our lives

is a way to pay thanks to our Lord.”


“God doesn’t drive us to achieve.

He simply asks us to come receive.

All great things are an overflow of His grace.”



“No one receives the Grace of God without giving thanks to God.

Thankfulness is the deep, contented breath of peacefulness.”



“When grief and grace both kindle in the us the same flame of gratitude towards God —

it’s only then that our love for God ignites int a pure blaze of glory.”



“Praise, not Perfection.

What God seeks is not my perfection, but my praise.”


“If God really works in everything, why don’t we thank Him in everything?

Why be afraid of anything — when God is using everything?”


“To bring the sacrifice of thanksgiving is to sacrifice our understanding of what’s beneficial

and thank God for everything — because He is benevolent.

A sacrifice of thanks lays down our perspective and raises hands in praise anyways — always.”


“If gratitude is an antidote for anxiety, and giving thanks is a real cure for stress,

we don’t have to relegate thanksgiving to a holiday,

for giving thanks to God revolutionizes all of our days.”



“No one gets to joy by trying to make everything perfect.

One only arrives there by seeing in every imperfection all that is joy.”








The Free 12 Month Perpetual Calendar {with quotes from the blog}

Use each day’s space to:

write down the day’s graces
note what your found on your daily beauty hunt
record memorable lines of your children
a perpetual birthday calendar
make note of the day’s verse
chronicle one good thing from each day

Click here to download and print free calendar — then hang on the fridge, gift to a friend, put on the wall — space to seek Him.

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To give a friend the gift of the free app:

Download & print out the free app gift card — then slip the card a friend’s way.

“Download the app.

Photograph the gifts.

Chronicle the thousand ways He Loves.

Open the gift of Joy!”

{And here for the free app}



Counting more of the endless, One Thousand Gifts… endlessly seeking Him everywhere…

#2839…. cupping baby Ema‘s flushed cheek and her smiling up at me

#2840…. asking for forgiveness

#2841…. him in a blue polo with those blue eyes and the way he winks

#2842… making life smaller

#2843…. this exceptionally beautiful story of a preacher and grace

#2844… night prayer vigils for a wounded sister

#2845… unspoken hard eucharisteo

#2846… saying no in one place : so I can say yes in another place

#2847… weeks #21 & #22 on the NYTimes for One Thousand Gifts:

God calling His people to open the best gift — Joy in Him!

#2848… sipping hot chocolate with my mama and my daughter and us laughing too loud

#2849… finding a phone number

#2850… a half price sale

#2851… filling three mason jars to the brim with potato soup for a bed-bound friend

#2852… waiting on God

#2853… the crazy surprise of an oldest son snapping photos, counting gifts with the free app, and smiling again & again: “I really like this, Mom. It’s making me see everything different.”  Ah, yeslike a gift!

#2854… starting new read alouds

#2855… making good on one promise

#2856… forgiving myself

#2857… letting go of the past — and pressing on to the future and what He has ahead

#2858… all these grace days.


Will you join us? And happily change everything by keeping your own crazy list of One Thousand Gifts?

Please, jump in, make your life about giving thanks to God! — Just add the direct URL to your specific 1000 gift list post… and if you join us, we humbly ask that you please help us find each other in our refrain of thanks by sharing the community’s graphic within your post.

Give thanks to the Lord! His Love Endures Forever!