Paying Attention {1000 Gifts: The Ecuador Edition}

‘Idoubt that there is such a thing as a measure of spirituality —but if there is, gratitude would be it.

Only the grateful are paying attention.

They are grateful because they pay attention, and they pay attention because they are so grateful.”

(~Barnes, The Pastor as Minor Poet, quoted by Douglas Wilson).






Thank you, Lord, for….

clean socks

tall boots

a husband who sprays clothes down with Deet

a husband who keeps the laundry going and graciously loves when his wife is just a tad bit anxious

a husband who smiles always, anyways — and knows how to pack

our rain hats

traveling with these people to Ecuador for Compassion International

friends who pray and keep on praying

my mama coming to heart-care on kids

the beauty of these children — God’s gifts! We’ll see them soon!

Hope making cards and writing letters to our sponsored child in Ecuador, Lidia — soon! !

this heart-sister who comes with us with her trident gum love and verses to the children of Ecuador

a beautiful young woman from church moving in for the week to man this ship of half-a-dozen

kids who have their school lists for the week

the program we use to keep track of our school lists and how I’ll be able to see in the Amazon if they are doing their school

an elder from church loving on our sows for the week so the Farmer can fly

a sister who calls me in the still-dark and prays with me and quotes Scripture

the opportunity to be bread, broken and given

calling my Dad before we leave and telling him three times: I love you, Dad. I really love you.

Singing this hymn as we leave… Be Thou My Vision… give us eyes to pay attention, Lord….


the Farmer and I fly shortly after noon today… will you  earnestly pray for us? Follow the trip? Begin right now to just pray over these very real children… just take a moment and pray for just one of them right now? Oh, Lord — let us give the gift of the knees to these children and pray for them today… Eyes wide open and paying attention to what You would have us see, Lord….


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