One Thousand Gifts : The Free App……. Because Thanksgiving is More than a Holiday— It’s the Way to Wake Up to Really, Fully Living













Is counting gifts a challenge?

Keeping a gratitude journal nigh unto impossible?

Need some inspiration as to why bother counting the blessings?

Oh, please, we’d love to you to come join in the discussion over at (in)courage….

If you are thinking counting gifts is not for you… then
I unashamedly beg you to read this story.


Because Thanksgiving is more than holiday–

It’s the Way to Wake up to Really, Fully Living

The One Thousand Gifts App is our free gift to you this Thanksgiving… making life application of giving thanks everyday easier — and making life transformation an everyday reality.

Wherever you are, count your blessings, collect gifts, count it all joy. Because there’s no way to enter into His courts but through the gates of Thanksgiving — and it’s only in His presence is fullness of Joy!

The free app makes everyday Thanksgiving:

~ Launches with a quote from One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

~ Invites you to chronicle a gift with text or with photo.

~ Automatically chronologically counts and date stamps your gifts.

~ Allows you to search your gifts, scroll through your gifts, and share your gifts — via email, Facebook or Twitter. Stand in the assembly and give Him thanks, give Him glory! We were made for this!

~ Scroll through the #1000gifts Twitter Stream and read a symphony of thanksgiving to God!

Count Gifts — and know You can count on God… Keep Calm and Count On.

Download the free app at iTunes and for android devices– and invite one friend to take the dare to count gifts with you this gift giving season… because who doesn’t want the gift of being 25% happier?

Wherever thanks is possible… joy is always possible.



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