weekends are for vessels


May all your wanderings this weekend, good friends,

make all the dark spaces into


that bloom beauty.


: All is grace
because of Christ alone,



Kitchen Love for the Weekend :This is what easy sweet the kids and I have in the crockpot today for company tonight– and ah, the scent of fall!

Make a Memory for the Weekend:  Gather the kids around with popcorn and a blanket tonight — because they really should see this …  (select thoughtfully) … and if you have little kids and one roll of tape — this could be the easiest, cheapest fun

Free Grace for the Weekend : So all week, I’ve been thinking about Abandon and Abide… And then this… Print this out and put it somwhere you can’t stop running into it! ~Yes, yes, YES!

Story for the Weekend : Maybe you could do this with your Saturday? (Really. If you can only click once — make it this one!)

Inspiration for the weekend Just for You —  on the Sucker Punch Days

Worship for the weekend : Just this… again and again… sing this... what makes everything a vessel that blooms.