weekends are for rising


May all your wanderings this weekend, good friends,

rise up

to the occasion,

to the wonder,

to the Creator

in praise.


: All is grace
because of Christ alone,



Kitchen Love for the Weekend : Easy and fun and so memorable! Make these with the kids this weekend and make a memory? Chocolate acorns!

Parenting for the Weekend: Why Do Some People (Kids) Learn Faster? — “Why are some people so much more effective at learning from their mistakes? After all, everybody screws up. The important part is what happens next. Do we ignore the mistake, brushing it aside for the sake of our self-confidence? Or do we investigate the error, seeking to learn from the snafu?”

Free for the Weekend : Somewhere find a place for this one — Free Printable for the frame. And these free photo journals?

Story for the Weekend : The Story behind the Photograph that Shamed America … a painful, true story. “True reconciliation can occur only when we honestly acknowledge our painful, but shared, past.”

Sale for the Weekend : Crazy prices — just for this weekend

Inspiration for the weekend : This Moving Story of one man making one call. Who can you call this weekend and just say thank you? One Person. Five Minutes. Bless a life.

Worship for the weekend : Worship Everywhere… when the beauty hides…