what came in the mail for you today…

The mailman won’t creak up the flag on the red mailbox at the end of the gravel lane here this morning —

today, a civic holiday beckoning out the Canucks from sea to shining sea.

But every day, everywhere — all our days these holy-days, God always sending package after package of  grace…









Kids laughing and backyard fire crackling and August rustling in on a cooling breeze through the ash grove and I can hear it there on the back stoop, just listening —

How the moments creak this flag up, now all enveloped in a messy, glorious joy…





#2629 – #2640 of giving thanks for appalling grace…more of the One Thousand Gifts that never end…

contests for who can catch the smallest fish

yellow rubbers and blonde curls

pails of worms and big dreams

how they’ve grown

berries and syrup and french toast over fire

the 10th annual just-out-in-the-backyard camping weekend with the very same amazing friends

hens roosting

socks discarded by the sandbox

awkward, shuffling feet, oh, it’d be amiss if I didn’t murmur thanks to Him again for this. Him taking what’s very broken & drawing hearts to Him–for His glory alone & all our joy in Him, week #16

my brother high fiving our boys

smiling as husbands laugh with kids

knitting by campfire and moon

coyotes crooning in the woods

sitting on the porch on the last night of July, watching lightning fork across dark and humid skies


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