weekends are for spreading out a quilt






May all your wanderings this weekend, kindest friends,

smooth out the little rough patches

found here and there

into one spread of simple celebration

of here and now.


All is grace
because of Christ alone,


Find a quiet spot — even in your heart — like this, this  weekend

Take a long walk this weekend: Easy, portable flower press for the walk… or make a simple necklace from your walk together?

Make the plans this weekend: Free, beautiful printables for cleaning, menu planning, and scheduling — baby steps! (And a printable chore chart for the kids here )

What everyone is really trying to tell you this weekend … all over this beautiful world. So what’s one thing you could do for just one person this weekend? (Maybe something like this — and you whip it up while humming that song too?)

Truth for the Weekend: Print this one out for the fridge/wall/frame

Wonder for this Weekend: A Thousand Opportunities — what today really holds!

Worship for the Weekend: Nothing Without You .. play it more than once?

(And may you have one little moment like this, this weekend — because Joy is Portable — bring it with you)