weekends are for seeing through the window


May all your wanderings this weekend, kindest friends,

look through the pane of what is

into the quiet and sacred spaces

only to see the beauty of the blossoms

right there on the other side.


All is grace
because of Christ alone,


A Memory for the Weekend:

Make a little Slip & Slide in the backyard? As the summer winds down, a memory they’ll be talking about for years?

Overwhelmed with Mess this Weekend?

Read This & then hit Print … just take a 5 min. break in the midst  of chores today, read this, & yep, print! Wonderful! ~smile~

Food Love for the Weekend :

Whip up a few of these? (Or a wee treat for a neighbor, with these printable recipe cards tucked in?)

Parenting Class for the Weekend :

20 Points to Rich Parenting … perfect post to prepare for another year of learning. Encouragement for your heart!

Prayers for the Weekend :

Can You believe this? … inspiring story @Detroit Free Press … So… who are you praying for?

Worship for the Weekend :

Just. this. … & the video too? Oh, we have decided! The kids & I watched this together & couldn’t stop smiling! The absolute wonder of new life!