weekends are for framing

DSC_1939May all your wanderings, kindest friends,

take the moments of this weekend,

this window of time

hanging at the end of a summer,

and frame it as His art,

moment upon moment —

all masterpiece.


All is grace
because of Christ alone,


Beauty for the Weekend : Take a deep breath… go slow… Reflect on the beauty of this gallery of photos and let everything that has breath praise our Creator. This is our Father’s World right now … and He is our Father right now. All praise to the God of the heavens and earth!

Make a Memory  on the weekend : It only takes a moment to snap a photo of the kids holding these free printable signs “First Day of School” for each grade level— and there’s a forever memory

Organization for the Weekend : A bit of inspiration. Anywhere you can tuck your own tweaked version of a kitchen command center: Menu plan/Chores/To Do List

Kitchen on the Weekend : With the kids … maybe after apples at the orchard or farmer’s Market? Apple Crisp Recipe

Fun for the Weekend : Who is too big for the fun of this recipe?

Perspective for the Weekend (and life)The kids and I watched this powerful video several times. {Where can we get glasses like that? Open the eyes of my heart, Lord}

Sermon for the Weekend:  Classic from Martyn-Lloyd Jones : What is the most important thing of all — do you have it? Don’t go anywhere without this…

Poem for the Weekend:  Substitution … Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Prayer for the Weekend Journeying On: A Puritan Prayer from The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions prayer book

And may you frame a ridiculous number of moments in laugh lines this weekend! Because the goal is to one day look as beautiful as this … because this is God-truth to print and put right next to the mirror for every morning