Free Christian Women’s Conference: Will you join us?

Wouldn’t it be wild grace to gather together?

Us — all of us? You and I and the great friend down the street and that dear mentor from your fellowship and an old high school friend? And you wouldn’t have to get on a plane or leave family, that it would be as freely beautiful as connecting on a front porch.

My beautiful friend, Lysa TerKeurst dreamed up the same crazy dream! Might Lysa and I invite you to come to gather together with us —  to prayerfully come before God — and say a wholehearted Yes to Him.

Tuesday, September 6th at 8pm EST — Just one night/one hour, a free webcast — centered on the only One Who matters.

Lysa’s got this heart for Jesus that envelopes every room she walks into, she daily mentors me through her community at Proverbs 31 Ministries, and her NYTimes best-selling book, Made to Crave, gives a radical appetite for the only thing that can ever fill our hunger, our Triune God. And when this woman shares her heart? It’s all of our Lord and I come away changed and deeply drawn closer to my Savior. I deeply love and appreciate this real, funny, beautiful sister in the Lord…

Would you join us? Gather some of your amazing girlfriends from right around the corner — or around the world?  Make it a retreat — right where you are. And we’ll pray together and laugh together and look to Him together — just freely tune in online. Just a way to gather together and figuratively wash each other’s feet, truly encourage one another’s hearts — to sincerely say Yes to God.

It’d be genuine, humble blessing to meet you there

Tuesday, September 6th at 8pm EST — and we’ll slip a little reminder to you again when we get close? Thank you for grace, friends…