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Faith, fear, trust

when perfectionism & to-do lists overwhelm

Shadows of discouragement can ride up like a highway man in the night and and steal away all the silver linings. I wake on a Sunday to his cantering away….

Beauty, Daily Art, Link Wanderings, Weekends

weekends are for framing

May all your wanderings, kindest friends, take the moments of this weekend, this window of time hanging at the end of a summer, and frame it as His art, moment…

INcourage, Joy Dares

when God’s calling you

When Malakai’s afraid, he chews on his bottom lip like his grandmother. And there’s no getting around it: He looks like a caged coon up there in the pew before…


Free Christian Women’s Conference: Will you join us?

Wouldn’t it be wild grace to gather together? Us — all of us? You and I and the great friend down the street and that dear mentor from your fellowship…

Communion, Refiner's Fire, Walk with Him, WWHW

when you’re broken

Christ comes to us in the only way any of us can recognize — with a body right broken. Who of us isn’t busted? On a Sunday, the pastor breaks…

Beauty, Joy Habit, Link Wanderings, Weekends

weekends are for spreading out a quilt

May all your wanderings this weekend, kindest friends, smooth out the little rough patches found here and there into one spread of simple celebration of here and now. :: ::::…


Organizing Head & Heart to Homeschool

so we begin again! ‘Education is an atmosphere.” I once wrote Charlotte Mason’s words on a chalkboard, just so I’d remember. I wanted to live in the air of that…

Beauty, Bible Reading, Daily Art, Quiet, Quotes

… upon the things of God

‘T here are times when… silence is wiser than speech. We should be better … if we were more alone, waiting upon God. And gathering through meditation on His Word…

Children, Compassion, Homeschooling

How to Go into all the World?

So we wallpaper the children’s bathroom with thrifted maps from old National Geographics. It only cost the price of the sticky tack, to mount the maps, and a bit of…