for whatever road you’re walking down

In a week with many roads, someone numbered the steps.

On little steel plates, the digits engraved.

There was this too:

Very important boys hanging upside down and laughing hard and queen anne’s lace fringing July roads and there were roses along the way, so many friends.

And maybe it’s crazy to hum hymns through airports and smile at strangers and keep counting the graces — but the way His light slants across this world in all its broken beauty, really, who can help it?









Screen shot 2011-07-25 at 8.24.52 AM






And when I slip through the back door in the dark, leave my bags on the back step, trip over the shoes in the mudroom, I go find him already with the quilts pulled up…

and when we wrap arms around each other, we whisper it at the very same time, “Thank you, Lord.”

The light in the room, the gifts — everywhere that refrain taking us Home.





#2613- #2628 of giving thanks for appalling grace…thanks down all the roads.. …more of the One Thousand Gifts that never end..


listening to women’s eucharisteo stories

berry smoothies in the heat

Renee who is like a sister and prays over fears

girls with 5 piggy tails

laughing with new friends

long overdue thanks, face-to-face

God’s daughters walking in wildest grace all around this globe

#10 this week, 15 crazy weeks on that list

the companionship of Jesus everywhere

an early morning moment with Jesus-radiating Lysa Terkeurst & the beautifully wise editor we share, Sandy Vander Zicht

Leah who bring breakfast and a smile

every woman who became the gift and sponsored a child through Compassion this weekend : you change lives! Thank you!

brilliant boys who make up poems on the spot

people living what they believe in big and small, beautiful ways

turning on to your road, and home’s right there past the woods

waking up to laundry & smudgy windows & all their voices and the hens in the backyard

pulling on overalls & finding old birks & an apron & cornbroom to begin again

this absolute must read story for the beginning of this week

just. right. here



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