when you’re thinking it’s time to give up…

I ‘m looking in the mirror this morning, looking at what lies ahead, at what lies within, and I’m thinking it may be time to give up.

Give up, once and for all — give up all the fears and all that weighs heavy.

Give up the worries — and “bend the knee and be small and let God give what God chooses to give — because He only gives love.” ~One Thousand Gifts

Give up what weighs down…

Give up the worries and give thanks…

Embrace the gifts that His love gives just. right. now…






Picnik collage



Picnik collage



#2489… -#2516 of hunting for  the grace of God in the Moment…more of the One Thousand Gifts that never end…

every single radiant woman we worshipped with at the Image of the Maker Retreat

sisters living the Word

Christa Wells singingsinging


signs in store front windows that make me smile

this woman… looking into her beauty… what this woman said

meeting mothers and daughters and faith passed on

babies at breakfast tables

Nicole on a violin

ice cold water in North Carolina heat

tree frogs singing

simple mary jane shoes

thanking this wondrous woman face to face for years of mentoring me

women knit together

hearing heart stories, squeezing hands

joy with Aimee — beloved and beautiful

women being broken & given & living in the Image of our Maker as they chose to sponsor a child through Compassion this weekend — thank you for being the gift!

feet tapping to notes

Elizabeth… and high-fiving her Emily … miraculous hours bestowed

good pens

laughing with Lisa

coming home to him

that God takes the very broken and uses it anyways: #9 on Evangelical Christian Publishers Association’s Bestsellers for June

still moments in barns

full vases

resting in Hands that hold us all


Photo Credits from the retreat: the lovely Linda Coffey and Emily

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