what may be the hardest part of faith?

Humility is hiddenness and in a world of platforms who hides themselves in Christ?

In the dawning hours, we walk the path through the rock’s mane of wild roses and I walk unsure, uncomfortable, all these tight questions unfurling slow.





Christ gave up the throne to pull on skin, Infinite God who became small. But how do I daily pursue smallness, me who claims to follow the Humble God?

In the Kingdom of God, the power of God is revealed in the nailed-through weakness of God. But how do I reveal my weakness to the world?

Self-critical talk isn’t a hallmark of humility but rather humbly serving the person who criticizes self. Then why do I make effort to avoid humiliation and not make effort to love those who humiliate?

If pride is the worst of sins, the essence of the soul’s enemy, then the arrogance of Pharisees is worst than the adultery of prostitutes. And if my faith makes me think I am good, better, then I am following the beast, not God. How is the expression of my faith in the Humble God expressed in humility? How do I daily combat pride as the chief snare of my soul?

How do I serve in anonymous ways so that my Savior gets all the applause?

The fragrance of the roses here — pungent and I breathe deep and there is no other scent. Only the sun rising, heat deepening the aroma.

The path winds higher up the hill. I confess, I have no idea how to do this, to walk in humility — even writing about it feels wrenchingly awkward, wrong. And yet… how else should a Christ-follower walk?  Christ did say, “Learn lowliness in heart and meekness of me.” He who shows me how to bend low is a patient God. He knows my learning of humility will take time and He is a faithful teacher. And everyday life offers many primers in humility if I will but thankfully submit. If I will but keep walking willingly into His will every moment.

The wild roses tumble down the morning, and that girl known as Little Flower, she echoes here in the still: “If all flowers wanted to be roses, nature would lose her springtime beauty and the fields would no longer be decked out with little wildflowers.”

Little and hidden, a weak wildflower right here, I hold a bud in hand, waiting for the blooming, the dew dripping, falling lower —

All the life-giving water falling silent to the lowest places ….


“Nothing sets a person so much out of the devil’s reach as humility.”

~Jonathan Edwards

“Come … learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart”

~ our Lord and Savior (Matt. 11:28‐29).




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I am finding this topic wrenchingly difficult to write about. Humility is timid. Write about it, talk about it, and it flees. But shall we spend a few more weeks bending the knee and wrestling this out? Oh, do hard work in me, Lord. I long to learn from You. Next Week and the next two weeks:  The Practice of Humility… We look forward to your thoughts, stories, ideas….

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