the beauty of living in glass houses

I sit before this screen like a held sparrow with her pulse pounding her whole body loud —  so scared.

Scared to unbutton a bit of my skin and bare this one beating heart.


I used to fly; I remember this. How to unfold winged hope and enfold the wind in free-falling trust.

I remember thinking the sky all empty space. This can make a sparrow brave.

I remember believing that the wind and faith were enough. How did I forget?

How is it possible — that fear can make you forget how to fly?

How do you remember joy — when some life sliver pierces through your wild pulse?

How does a small sparrow in a wide world extend the brief span of her wings and let go — to climb higher?

“First and foremost we must avoid concentrating on our own feelings. We must learn to concentrate positively on `these things’.

In other words, the secret of joy is the practice of meditation—that is the way to have this joy of the Lord.

We must meditate upon Him, upon what he is, what he has done, his love to us and upon God’s care for us who are his people…

~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The secret of joy is unwrapping what He can’t possibly keep secret —- His love for you.

The secret of joy is focusing on Father — not fear.

The secret to joy is meditating on God’s care —  not earth’s snares.

I catch it now and then, sitting before this screen, my reflection, a glimpse of eyes.

Eyes that need to focus, to really see.

“All the world is window. No material is opaque. If we are willing to see—people, circumstances, situations, relationships—all is transparent.

All of this globe is but glass to God.

And eucharisteo [giving thanks] washes the glass. Eucharisteo, wholesale worship, its redemptive work wiping away the soot of days cindered…

Why am I a habitual reductionist? Why do I reduce God in this moment to mere annoying frustration? Why do I reduce The Greatest to the lesser instead of seeing the lesser, this mess, as reflecting The Greatest?

I have to learn how to see, to look through to the Largeness behind all the smallness. Isn’t He here?

Gratitude redeems, making us the realists. Mouth thanks to the heights and see the real reality. Give thanks to keep the gaze on heaven.

Glass to God.”

~One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

And when I see my reflection in the screen again, I see it again.

The world’s not meant to be a mirror; it’s never about the sparrow  — only about the Spirit.

The world’s not a magnifying glass for my feelings, pounding pulse, palpitating worries.

This globe’s but a glass to God —- everything sheer, clear pane “to meditate upon Him, upon what He is, what He has done, His love to us and upon God’s care for us who are His people…”

And obviously—this almost goes without saying—we must avoid everything that tends to break our fellowship with God.

~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Glass to God.

Glass to God.

Nothing must break us from Him.

And in a glass house, a sparrow flies, everything crystallizing clear, moments all into glory….









#2532- #2546 of making moments glass to God…more of the One Thousand Gifts that never end…

listening with him to rain fall on the roof

scrubbing a floor on knees

end of the postal strike!

flower baskets dripping water

together reading the Family Worship Guide throughout the week with The Church at Brook Hills

teenage boys carrying happy baby sisters in Wal-mart

the way her hair blows out the open window, setting sun gilding tendrils

when he hits snooze

apples from the market

making changes because of “The Only Way to get Important Things Done

sons and ice cream

goats and kids and summer!

only His purposes — week 12 on New York Times Bestseller list : God using the broken down anyways, all for a growing revolution of thanks to Him

meditating on Scripture, meditating on crazy common graces, meditating on all the ways God loves


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