when you’re looking for light at the end of the tunnel {& free May Gratitude Calendar Printable}

I walk a beach at the outer rim.

Egyptians have fifty words for sand, and Eskimos, a hundred for snow.

How to find a thousand words for the joy of all this grace we walk in?

Everywhere, water running, rivulets, out to oceans.

Everywhere, light glinting.








There are sea gulls. And moss on trees in the woods. And rocks that take the relentless crashing and the spray, sentinels that stand for centuries, rooted.

And I walk with an old and radiant friend, along these margins along the edge, and there is the way His glory fills space and sky and sea — and her smile — but how to find words for all this?

Joy, it comes like this — a shimmering on depths, a shimmering of everything streaming past, a shimmering on all the moments strung together by a gratefulness to God.

We walk and talk for hours. We laugh. We cry.

We drive out the dark tunnel under the mountain by the sea, drive away from the sea, and just before we come out into the light at the end, I turn and see it written there on the tunnel wall, in a scrawl, in looping loveliness, only two words, what we’ll murmur at the end of all the tunnels, and I think then that maybe it’s not needed, a thousand words for the joy of all this grace?

Maybe only these two words that I could say a thousand times, everywhere, till I become them, enfold them, live them in a thousand, endless ways?




Save us, LORD our God, and gather us from the nations,

that we may give thanks to Your holy name and glory in Your praise. ~ Psalm 106:47


#2389 – #2404 of becoming a hallelujah to God, of the  One Thousand Gifts that never end

May’s Gratitude Calendardownload and print for a month of becoming a thanksgiving to God

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Screen shot 2011-05-01 at 10.13.14 PM

found sand dollars

men walking down sidewalks with flowers in arms

surprising cards

His upholding hand

gracious women

omelets and orange juice

the prayers of the saints

late laughter with lifetime friends

moss made gold at day’s end

memorizing Colossians on planes and walks, at the farm, at the sea, His Words a faithful companion

sea air

her wave

May here

the Farmer waiting on the back stoop smiling

just… here.

just giving thanks to God Here…

Weekly Gratitude Booklet … download and print 7 Gifts: Good and Perfect to write down 7 gifts each day, for each day of the week — becoming thanks to God!



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