“Let a Man Who is Thirsty…”

‘Let a man who is thirsty

be brought to an ocean of pure water, and he has enough…

God is a satisfying good — the soul cries out, ‘I have enough.’

God is the chief good.

That which is the chief good must ravish the soul with pleasure!

There must be in it rapturous delight and quintessence of joy!

God is the chief good.

Therefore the enjoyment of him

is the highest felicity.


~Thomas Watson, Puritan Sermons: Man’s Chief End is to Glorify God













#2345 – #2380 of the One Thousand Giftsof endless gratitude for all His extravagant gifts, when He alone satsifies

Popcorn on Sunday evenings
The last page of a a good read aloud
Finding out the end
Racing the dog down the lane
Scrubbing the floor under the stove
letters from sons

Heaping bowls of potatoes
Dinners that last hours
Dessert this happy conversation with kids growing up
Always Scripture and prayer before leaving the table
The smiles of fathers and sons

Farm auctions
Back to the wind
Boots for the mud
Finding his face in the crowd
The Farmer’s wink and smile
Finding Peace with His will
Her hair in the wind

Sorting books and memories of all the read alouds, all these years
Weekends unplugged
Cleaning closets
Finding her voice on the other end of the line
Phone prayers
The Voices of Easter

Finding a sponsor for a Compassion child
Life changed!
Deer in the field
Sun in the woods
Geese on the pond
Seven weeks, The Strong using the very weak, all for His purposes, so we lean
Lives changed!

Children waving palms
Finding Grace
Heart fixed on Calvary
The Gift of the Son

The Giver alone — ocean enough…

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