Why the Present Moment Matters

A morning in March, a child notices it, how a leaf holds its fruit right there in the bowl, and it’s true, just remain moment by moment in the Vine and there is the promise. Of yielding more in the end than an unlived life.

Of fixing the heart to Him so that under His wing we can fly.

“See this one, Mom?” Kai holds the apple high. “A leaf! And look how shiny it is!” Even out of comfort zones, every moment’s this gleaming gift, the Vine never letting us go.

The sun breaks through and the trees reach and we peel the squash for soup, read books together while it simmers, and this is where God is. In the present. I AM.

Here is the only place I can love Him.

Here is good.


Picnik collage


Picnik collage



“I’ll get the bowls out…” Levi offers when I turn the last page of the book, shadows lengthening.

“I can ring the bell for dinner time!” Kai slips off the couch.

And time, this moment, slowed and entered into, might be a cathedral giving glory to God, a harvest of goodness in bowls….

All His grace encircling us in light.


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[In] the whole of world history there is always only one really significant hour — the present…

~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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