Free Easter Devotional with Easter Passion Tree {Because Easter’s More Important than Christmas}










We begin “The Trail to the Tree”… that set us free. Will you join us in these Easter Devotionals?

Each of the 17 day journey towards Easter includes:

The full  text of the day’s Bible reading in either ESV, NLT or  MSG (of course, feel free to read from your own Bible, if you’d prefer another translation.) Readings are selected to lead chronologically through the significant events in the story of the life of Christ — each passage of Scripture another step on our “Trail to the Tree…”

A verse to prayerfully linger over as a family — a verse to pause over for a moment or two, close eyes and deeply reflect on. This journey is different than the Jesse Tree Journey, in that it is just focused alone on Scripture and prayer and living the Gospel — without any peripheral notes or added commentary, only prayer… simply, powerfully Christ-centric and Biblically focused.

A short, simple action point for the day —  a way to do something together as a family that not only invites the coming Kingdom of God and Jesus’ love into your home and community, but is an opportunity to apply and obediently live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A full color ornament, all classic art from the masters,  to hang on your own Easter Passion Tree…. an art study, like a prayerful walk through a museum. The very last pages of the book include all of the ornaments in over several pages so you can easily cut each ornament out and creatively mount to your own preference.

How to Make Your Own Easter Passion Tree

1. A container to hold branches — dogwood, pussywillows, forsythia etc.

2. Cut out and mount the classic paintings of the masters, to hang as ornaments {consider writing the number of the day’s devotional on the back of the ornament}

3. Perhaps hang decorative eggs from the branches, symbolic of new life in Christ…. that out of His sacrificial death on the tree, comes new life found only in Christ

3. After prayerfully meditating on each day’s Scripture reading, hang each ornament of a classic painting upon the passion tree.

5. Consider using the Passion Tree as a natural opportunity to share our only hope, the Gospel of Christ, with those who visit your home throughout the Easter season…

The Easter Devotionals are our free gift to you, our friends…

To thank you. For all the ways you’ve cared and encouraged and written notes and prayed for us and reached out and supported us, through this past season of stretching out of comfort zones. I can’t thank you enough. Though I can’t always express it well to each and every one who emails, prays, supports, know how our heart swells… Our whole family, we truly appreciate you.

So from our heart and home to you and yours this season of New Life in Christ, may our family offer this book to you as our humble, imperfect little gift?

May we all find the abundant life, fullest joy,  in Christ year round.

So utterly grateful,




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If you’ve already made yourself a friend and subscribe to daily updates from this site, just look to the bottom of this post in your reader or email — and you’ll see your gift link to the downloadable free “Trail to the Tree” book right thereAnd can we just thank you? For your friendship and grace and all the ways you’ve reached out and shared a bit of the walk together —  we are grateful for you and slip this book to you with greatest joy!

Our Warmest Welcome, new friend!

Thank you for the humble gift of your friendship. It’s a humble grace to walk together… Christ came to do that exactly that with us…


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