And so goes the Posture of the Body of Christ…

All is grace, if the knee’s surrendered.

All is grace, if the eyes see and believe.

All is grace, if the heart receives all with gratitude, trusting the goodness of God.

And when all is grace, God working all things to certain good,

it’s our hands that hands that rise in thanks,

open and willingly to fully receive…












#2311 – #2332 of the One Thousand Gifts … of endless grateful love…

Little Ema’s home! Joy!

Pussy willows coming

colored wooden knitting needles, so smooth

muddy boots at the back door

Farmer talking to his farmer brothers: spring coming!

a son praying much over a business plan

piles of piano books

whole family Sunday afternoon chess matches with spectators hushed… and cheering!

Farmer in the blue polo shirt

4th week on the New York Times bestseller’s list… God continues a gratitude revolution, us all giving glory to Him!

her singing hymns while knitting

strawberries in March tasting like all June’s sweetness

sunshine warming our backs while serving up lunch: spring coming!

hard eucharisteo: praying with sick friends with well souls and this is the mattering part

meeting you here? or here?

finally taking the snowmen off the front porch (!), scrubbing out the fridge (!!)

a pastor taking us verse by verse through the Gospel of John

deep breathing through the to-do list

writing out Colossians verses, working on memory work… His words our bread

Christ and new life coming

a life that lives bowed and raised….


I am leaving you with a gift — peace of mind and heart.

And the peace I give

is a gift the world cannot give.

~John 14:27 NLT



Wooden Chess & Checkers table
God’s Promises Journal


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