What if we believe we have everything we need?

Bushes burn everywhere and when I walk through the cathedral, behind him pushing her in the wheelchair, I can hear this, how the world turns.

How it aches.


She tells me about each of her five children, masterpieces, and how there’s the one who believes it’s his job to make people happy, that’s his work in the world, and I can’t get that out of mind and if only I could get it into my heart.

She tells me how she’s writing notes to each of them in the front of books, so they’ll always remember, and she looks so happy when she says that, her beautiful bare head wrapped in velvet, about how she’s at peace no matter what.

And I carry that with me, as we walk by the pews and up towards the central nave, that His work in this world has rams in thickets and always baskets of bread left over.

What if we believed in the deep places, the darkest recesses, that He always provided — and not just barely, but abundantly?

Wouldn’t we always be at peace — no matter what?


There are shadows here and black in the alcoves and light, everywhere light.

I watch how it showers up the walls, puddles of color falling and pooling, light stained with His love, us all in this rain of grace.

How the light saturates stones and shadows.


What if we believe we have everything we need?

What if we really believe we have everything we need?

Isn’t that the light that absorbs all the dark?

Isn’t that faith?

I stand there long. Just stay there long, absorbing that. Everything we need…


She had traced it for me, the outline of the bruise on her upper lip, bleeding out from the corner of her mouth. It hadn’t been there yesterday. Low platelets?

I had asked what that meant.

Her smile, trusting. Her eyes, light pooling there too. I remember that.

What if we really believed that our God is our Jehovah Jireh, our provider — and in this moment we lacked for nothing, that He has indeed provided everything we need?

What if thanks in all things actually could be easy — because we believe that God always gives us the thing we exactly need?

What if gratitude was as natural as breathing, because we knew in our bones that the air we breathe is grace?

I am walking beside a woman who has cancer in her bones. She limps because a scalpel has scraped at the cancer gnawing on her hip bone.

How in the world can I believe? The ceilings in this place arch like heaven come down.

We walk through lower chapels. The floors, polished, marble, reflect midday rays. She’s wheeled ahead of me and I follow. That’s always His will, to make us reflect the image of His Son. God carves too, masterpieces, all circumstances His chisel, everything chinking away for the light, the resemblance of Christ.

What am I willing to receive? Isn’t all grace? A gentle chisel?

‘All that happens becomes bread to nourish, soap to cleanse, fire to purify, a chisel to carve heavenly features. Everything is a channel of His Grace.’

Walking to the upper chapels, we step through all these shafts, all these channels of sun. Her velvet head wrap glints.

And I have to ask it of me, the one who ties herself in anxious knots endlessly and how would I feel facing what she faces everyday:

What will I believe is greater today? My problems? Or God’s provisions?
What this moment holds is always His provision and He never leaves nor forsakes.

Because this is it:

The needs of our day are great but our God is greater
and we call Him Providence because we believe: He is the One who always provides.

And when God provides, He should be praised, and if God always provides, shouldn’t praise always be on the lips?

We are the people provided for and praise is our song.
God has made provision. So we will make praise.

I have everything I need. Not what I think I need. But what He knows I need. I can trust His love. I can trust what He gives. I can trust His provision of this moment.

He turns her in the chair, and she turns towards me, smiles and nods and I nod, yes, yes, and the world could turn like this, like her. Receive all as His provision. Receive all with praise.

The light here is so bright,  sure.



Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him” (Matt. 6:8).

My God shall supply all your needs, according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:19).


#2245 – #2255 of the One Thousand Gifts that I can’t stop counting… Him making provision, and us making praise….

~ sun with the promise of spring, windows, everywhere windows
~ a husband who prays & believes & lays my hand on my head whenever he passes by, his life blessing mine
~ littlest making bird song first thing in the morning: “Like the birds, Mama! They’re singing too!”
~ pillows and peach jam and wool socks and chess games and piano recitals
~ and two Elizabeths and many provisions and endless grace

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