weekends are for patches of light





May all your wanderings this weekend, kindest friends,

lead to the shafts and islands and patches of light

where you bask in the warmth

of Him.

All’s grace,


We too pray that the Book Club @ DaySpring is a bit of patch of light this weekend?

If you are looking to have a book in hand to come join us, it’s now sitting quiet on the shelves of local bookstores if you’d like to make that a weekend wandering, and the Bloom Blook Club will be posting the first vlog (videolog) this weekend to accompany chapter one of One Thousand Gifts —  We just pray that all His light will meet us just right where we are.

And have you all met each other? Thank you for the privilege of sharing the journey towards Him, for your sharing of your stories and wisdom and grace.

You all are just the most beautiful, Light-filled people. We so look forward to getting to know you and growing together. .