The Beauty and Mystery of Life … Of Her

‘Dad tells us a thousand times the story after dinner, how her eyes were water-clear and without shores, how she held his neck when she hugged him and held on for dear life…

… the little sister who teased me and laughed.

And the way she’d throw her head back and laugh, her milk-white cheeks dimpled right through with happiness, and I’d scoop close all her belly-giggling life.

Picnik collage





It means “loved one.”

How she was.

We had loved her.

{Long loved her, real and wondrous and always lingering.  Long carried and remembered and missed her. Long wondered why?

Long now celebrate the exquisite beauty and mystery of her….

Of Life ….}

… There’s a reason I am not writing the story and God is. He knows how it all works out, where it all leads, what it all means. I don’t…. [I]t’s accepting there are things we simply don’t understand. But He does. And I see. At least a bit more.

When we find ourselves groping along, famished for more, we can choose. When we are despairing, we can choose to live as Israelites gathering manna. For forty long years, God’s people daily eat manna—a substance whose name literally means “What is it?

Hungry, they choose to gather up that which is baffling. They fill on that which has no meaning.

More than 14,600 days they take their daily nourishment from that which they don’t comprehend. They find soul-filling in the inexplicable.

They eat the mystery.

They eat the mystery.”


~ One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are


As the Book Club @ DaySpring prayerfully and thoughtfully discusses each chapter of One Thousand Gifts with a series of videos on Mondays and Wednesday for the next few weeks, Thursdays here in this quiet corner will be a series of life photographs, reflecting on the week’s chapters and His relentless love…

Thank you for sharing your stories over in the Book Club. My Mama and I have been moved deep by the courage and grace of your life stories and your Jesus-wisdom deeply ministers, and we were meant to be just this, a Love Body quietly listening and supporting and praying together. Thank you for the privilege of just quietly joining and learning with you.

All is grace,