Colossians in a Year {Details and Updated}


1. Ah, yes! The Cover! How could I forget? Apparently, I did. ~blush~ Please forgive?
The link for the cover in a PDF can now be downloaded: right here.
(And to download and print the complete booklet of all the verses: Colossians in a Year: Just 2 Verses a Week)

2. The little squares on each page? True, they *do* look like a funny font ~smile~ But if you tilt your chin and squint, can we pretend those little squares look just a bit like wee check off boxes for ticking off each day’s completed memory work? I’m visually motivated by checked off boxes! ~smile~

3. Yes, the schedule for verses/recitation was included in this link for the introduction: right here .

4. Need some support and encouragement? We’ve set up a Group page on Facebook for Colossians in a Year: Just Two Verses a Week — Maybe there’s a few of us who check in each day, cheer each other on, share any tips, resources, helps?

We’re a Love Body — perhaps we can strengthen each other and our commitment to Him?

So grateful for you…

All’s grace,