the memo every Monday morning needs

For all the little things you need to remember, you might just tie a a string around your finger.

But for the things a tad bit bigger, like say, oh — how to live your life — I tell myself I might just need to tie words right around the whole house… just so I’m sure to get the memo that every Monday morning needs:











I read the world and this simple little farmhouse speaks to me, and there it is, the writing on the wall, the memo every Monday morning needs — that grace is everywhere and joy’s possible even here and thanks is the only way to breathe.


Thank God!
He deserves your thanks. His love never quits.
Thank the God of all gods, His love never quits.
Thank the Lord of all lords. His love never quits.
~ Psalm 136:1

more counting of the Thousand, Endless Gifts… because Monday’s memo is that there’s always a Multitude on Mondays: of grace, gratitude, joy…

#2091.  cold orange juice for sore throats

#2092.  one still little enough to fall asleep in my lap

#2093.  worn jeans

#2094. unlimited blessings for a house

#2095.  just-washed hair

#2096.  the forgiveness of my sins (miracle! daily! I never want to get. over. this.!)

#2097.  little fingers playing Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring on the melody harpHe really is

#2098. scuffed Birks

#2099. memos left on the fridge in five-year old scrawl, just in case I forget, (and I do): “Praise Him, Mom!

#2100. pitchers of cold water about the house

#2101. Opa Voskamp asked if there was one thing at all I would like from the house before he moved away… and now the print of the elderly man that bowed over the Farmer’s table since he was a boy, now bows over our table with the words beneath, “ everything give thanks.”

#2102. that the best things in life really are free

#2103. that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished … hallelujah!

#2104. crusty bread

#2105. the awe of all this — what He does in this world!

#2106.  a journal on the counter, netting all His love — a place to  give thanks for One Thousand of His Gifts… more

#2107. that all His small joys really do cheer the heart… first thing on a Monday.



Want to drink the wonder of gratitude — of God? Consider joining the Gratitude Community — just jump in with your own counting! How to begin your own 1000 Gift List ::: How Gratitude Can Change your Life

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