How to Free All the Moments

When gratitude is bound by circumstances, lives are bound to bitterness.

I hear it on a Sunday, that we are the people to loose the bonds of injustice, set free the oppressed, break every yoke of the captive and I watch the clouds.

I could free the moments too.

Thankfulness beg to runs free, unfettered, everywhere. Why not unleash joy?

I face upwards and the clouds let go and I feel the sky’s wet. It rains.



And I see it all in one afternoon, how when gratefulness knows no limits, life enlarges.

How even clouds can glint gilded, slide silver.







How colors can arch boundless over everything.

Making even the slickest roads home all unrestrained gold.

:: ::


#2056 – #2068 of emancipated thanks

the way that one curl brushes my eyelashes when she kisses me

bare feet in the warmth of handknit socks

the one leftover piece of pumpkin pie in the fridge

a boy leaning a head on my shoulder

catching his eyes lingering on me

the outfit that makes him tickle my ear with the whisper, “Think we could go out alone you and me and you wear this?”

thermometers and her head in my lap

company for dinner and laughter for dessert

the! garage! cleaned! out!

the geraniums all in the windowsills for the winter

the phone ringing too late for it to be anybody but my sister

long sweaters on November mornings

boundless grace, unbounded thanks

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